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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Stay Classy, Flushing

Note to Omar Minaya:

There's this thing called the Internet now. Also... there's television. ESPN -- perhaps you've heard of it?

I mention this because you seem to think that the shameful, cowardly move of firing your manager at 3:15 AM Eastern -- keeping the news out of the morning editions of the News, Post and Times -- is somehow going to minimize the negative attention you'll receive as a result.

Ain't gonna happen, Omar.

But because I'm a generous guy, I'll say this... when the Wilpons fire you at the end of this season -- a firing you richly deserve, for spending more cash than anyone in the NL while assembling a roster of guys well past their collective prime -- I hope they'll do you the courtesy of making the move during business hours.


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