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Friday, June 13, 2008

Adriana Lima to Marry Marko Jaric

Never thought I'd be linking to People magazine from this site, but here you go:
Supermodel Adriana Lima Engaged to Basketball Star.

Like the rest of you, I suspect, I find two things deeply troubling about that lead.

  1. It was depressing enough when we learned she was dating Jaric in the first place. She didn't need to go and marry the guy.
  2. "Basketball Star?"
C'mon, People. You're part of the same company that owns Sports Illustrated and TNT. Couldn't someone place a call to Ian Thomsen or Charles Barkley and get a more... accurate description of Jaric's basketball prowess for that headline?

This is exactly the sort of half-assed corporate synergy that caused the AOL Time Warner merger to fail. (But I'm not bitter.)

Of course, I'd be remiss if I posted a blog entry on any Victoria's Secret model without a photo:

Here's the soon-to-be Mrs. Jaric, re-enacting a scene from Grease with some of her hot friends. Plenty more like it over at

And here's more on the incredibly, blindingly lucky Mr. Jaric:


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