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Monday, December 10, 2007

This One's for Josie...

My grandmother was an enormous Yankee fan... but I don't think she ever saw a late-game comeback. Whenever the Yanks fell behind, she'd turn off the game in disgust.

She left most broadcasts before Phil Rizzuto made his nightly dash for the George Washington Bridge.

I'm glad I don't take after her in that regard -- with seven minutes left in the game, the Knicks are down eight.

(Make that ten... Nowitzki to Stackhouse for a layup.)

Edit: I don't know what's gotten into Zach Randolph. He was awful in both Philly games this weekend and in the first half of this game... but he's got 19 in the second half tonight.

Edit: Randolph's at 21. The Knicks might have a chance if they could get a freakin' stop... but of course, they can't stop anyone.

Crawford for three, Dampier for a layup. Knicks down nine. The Garden crowd is chanting De-FENCE... as if Charles Oakley and Anthony Mason are playing.

Jamal Crawford drives me crazier than any Knick since Mase-in-the-face. For every beautiful crossover or sweet entry pass, he'll make three bonehead plays. (I loved Mason, but he was legendary for attempting shots against much taller players that had no hope of ending in anything but a big swat.)

Josh Howard just clocked Eddy Curry in the mouth on the way to a hoop -- no offensive foul called, and Curry is bleeding like he was in a hockey fight. Knicks down 11 with under three minutes left... and Q-Rich air-balls a three.

Edit: Crawford misses again. Randolph misses again. Knicks down 14 with 1:11 left.

All this aborted comeback proves is that this team can be competitive when they actually play like they care. And that might be the biggest criticism of all.


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