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Monday, December 10, 2007

Fire Isiah (Clap-Clap ClapClapClap)

A stat from Mike Breen on the MSG Network -- tonight's game marks the eighth time in twenty games this season that the Knicks have trailed by at least 20 points.

It's sort of entertaining listening to Breen and analyst Kenny Smith talk about how the players, and not Thomas, are to blame for the appalling lack of effort on display at the Garden tonight.

Um, Ken? Who signed all these guys?

Who asked his players how he should respond to Stephon Marbury's unscheduled vacation, then ignored their response and gave Marbury starter minutes?

Can we really blame the players for this?

(Also entertaining... let's consider how different Smith's take on the situation would be if he was sitting next to Sir Charles in the TNT Studio and not on press row at the Garden under the watchful eye of Jim Dolan?)


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