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Friday, November 03, 2006

Knicks Knation

The New York Daily News -- my newspaper of choice for all things Knicks (and Nets, and Yankees, Jets... etc.) has launched a new Knicks blog, written by beat writer Frank Isola. Check out his first post, which offers a succinct and unique insider's perspective on the decline and fall of the Larry Brown era.

It's easy, at this point, to look at the Dolan/Thomas/Brown relationship as doomed from the start, and to explain last year's 23-win season as the product of a brutal power struggle between coach and GM. The problem is, Knick fans want someone to blame.

Some blame Brown, and have wildly optimistic views on the 2006-07 season.

Some blame Thomas, and can't wait for the axe to fall.

Some, like our MySpace buddy Sell the Knicks, lay all the blame at Jim Dolan's feet.

Me? I look at it this way:

Let's say you own a fish tank. You see five really pretty fish at the pet store, buy them, and put them in your tank. One by one, they die... one of them is a salt-water fish, and you have a fresh water tank. One of them is a predator. One of them needs higher water temperature. The one thing they have in common is that they're totally incompatible.

So who's to blame?

Not the fish. The nimrod who put 'em all in the same tank.

So if you want an explanation of the Three Mile Island caliber 23-win meltdown of the Knicks, riddle me this: who made the decision to hire Larry Brown to coach Stephon Marbury just weeks after Brown tried to have Marbury cut from the Olympic team?


Anonymous said...

umm... Isiah Thomas?

Larry Brown is an arse. Nobody wanted him this offseason, and most every coaching position that had been vacant is now filled. Guess what? Larry Brown is still not an NBA head coach. So to blame Isiah for everything seems a little off, although I think he has done a poor job with the trades he has made.

the real solution is to somehow pry the knicks from Dolan's priviledged hands. no idea how to do that. maybe david stern knows? he likes to meddle in everything else, why not take back the knicks franchise. it is currently being held hostage by a man who has no sense of knicks history or pride.

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