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Friday, November 03, 2006

Every Rose Has Its Thorn...

Everybody give it up for Bret Michaels and Poison!

And speaking of poison... Phoenix is reportedly close to signing Jalen Rose.

This strikes me as what Bill Simmons might call the Suns' "Keith Hernandez moment." Suns management has seen Mike D'Antoni make productive players out of other squads' castoffs so often now, they're convinced he can turn lead into gold. Me, I'm not convinced. Rose showed up for camp out of shape... in a contract year. He failed to hit a shot from the floor in the entire preseason. He's going to help the Suns?

Hey, I shouldn't doubt. D'Antoni has worked miracles before -- hell, Tim Thomas was one of the stars of last year's playoffs, and he couldn't get run for the Knicks or the Bulls.

But I doubt. I really doubt.


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