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Monday, October 23, 2006

On Stephon's Couch

Finally -- an answer to the question, "What do Stephon Marbury and Rachel Ray have in common?"

Apparently, low-cost sneakers are just the first step in the large-scale image-rehabilitation campaign being put together by Marbury and his people. Today's New York Post tells us that Starbury is shopping a talk show.

"It's fun," Marbury told The Post's Marc Berman. "It's a lot of easier to speak to basketball players. I get certain things out of them because you're going through the same things that they're going through. The lives that we live is different than anyone else. You can relate to the person you're speaking to better than you [the media]. It was a great interview [with Kobe]. A lot of things people wouldn't be able to get from [Kobe], I can."
Along with Kobe, Chauncey Billups and Mavericks owner Mark Cuban will reportedly submit to Stephon's questioning... as has Knick teammate Steve Francis. We'd be interested in seeing the Stevie Franchise interview, if only to determine whether or not Steph and Stevie can communicate OFF the court. (The Knicks' laughable perimeter defense tells me all I need to know about them ON the hardwood.)

Of course, Steph isn't nearly so accomodating when he's the interview-ee... he's reportedly been dodging questions about his cousin's run-in with the law last week.


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