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Friday, October 20, 2006

Ripped from the Headlines

This is going to make an excellent episode of Law & Order.

Earlier this week, Boston's Sebastian Telfair left a preseason game against the Knicks at halftime to speak with police. Telfair reportedly had a $50,000 necklace stolen outside P Diddy's restaurant in Manhattan -- the same place where rapper Fabolous was shot.

Didn't really think anything of it at the time. Gunfights involving rappers aren't that uncommon in the big city.

But today's Daily News casts the whole tale in a more interesting light. According to their sources, here's a more detailed sequence of events:

  • A member of Fabolous' posse, the "Street Family" steals Telfair's chain and flees into Justin's.
  • Telfair makes a cell phone call.
  • Twenty minutes later, the gunman is seen on video leaving the scene.

No one's accused anyone of anything... but I've seen enough episodes of CSI to put this one together. Someone thinks 'Bassy called in a favor.

For what it's worth, Telfair is reportedly cooperating with the police and has shared all the numbers he called that night.

Still, this sure doesn't sound good.


Nate said...

worst photoshoped image ever.

Charlie said...

If you say so... me, I think that's an exceptionally lifelike Sam Waterston.

If you're referring to 'Bassy's oversized head, I think that has more to do with the hype coming out of Lincoln High than any photoshop work.

CW said...

Sebastian Telfair is what's wrong with this country. Makes the leap out of high school when he is not ready. Gets caught with a gun on a plane when with the Blazers. Now he gets revenge on Fabolous by shooting him. Yet Doc Rivers says Telfair's true colors will be shown by the end of this. Oh you mean the color of the gun he happens to forget when boarding a plane? This is why Celtics are done and forever will be. While the Celtics have Doc Rivers, a terrible coach, the Lakers are already trying to get back to the promised land. Boston people smell and stink at life.

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