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Saturday, March 15, 2008

Planting Seeds

Here's a trend that's unlikely to surprise even the most casual observer of the NCAA Tournament:

The higher-seeded teams do better.

Here's a deeper look at that shocking trend, as well as some others that may assist as you fill out your NCAA brackets:

One Seeds in the Final Four

Here's another unsurprising factoid. Since 1979 -- the year the NCAA started assigning seeds to tournament teams -- number one seeds have landed 47 of a possible 116 slots in the Final Four. That's a rate of just over 40.5 percent.

Number one seeds have:

  • Won 16 of 29 titles (over 55%)
  • Been runner-up 11 times (38%)

That said, there has never been an NCAA Tournament where all four number one seeds have advanced to the Final Four.

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