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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Let's Get One Thing Straight...

Quick note to Bill Simmons, and the guys at Str8Balling, and anyone else making suggestions:

Trading David Lee is not an option.

Trading David Lee is the last thing the Knicks should do.

David Lee is just about the only thing that's right with the Knicks currently...

(I say "just about..." because the jury is out on Wilson Chandler, but I'm encouraged.)

If I was running the team -- and it seems I have a better chance than Isiah Thomas of making the decisions for next season -- here's what I'd do: Tear this sucker down and start over.

  1. Get rid of either Zach Randolph or Eddy Curry. I don't care if you have to take pennies on the dollar -- one of them has to go. The other can start alongside Lee in the frontcourt. Moving both would be ideal, but hey, I'm a realist.
  2. Get rid of Jamal Crawford. He could help a contender as a scoring sixth man -- think Ben Gordon, back when the Bulls were considered a big man away from title contention. But as a lead player, his horrifying defense and decision-making hurts more than it helps.
  3. Fill these needs in the offseason -- either via the draft, trade or free agency: a point guard, a shooting wing, and a shot blocker.
  4. Quentin Richardson and Jared Jeffries should have no place in next year's plans. Same goes, obviously, for Stephon Marbury.

Much will depend on the lottery -- there are some excellent point guard options at the top of the draft, assuming Derrick Rose and Jerryd Bayless come out.


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