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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Thanks for Nothing, Darby Conley

I read the funny papers as a means of escape... nothing harshes my morning caffeine buzz like a dose of reality in my comics.

This morning's buzzkill came from Darby Conley's strip Get Fuzzy. The panel in this post is the punchline... here's the entire strip.

Two observations about this:

1) Seriously, dude... if I wanted a harsh dose of reality on my comics page, I'd read Doonesbury. (For my money, nothing says "funny papers" like the amputee veteran visiting the wounded at Walter Reade.)

2) Is this the absolute low point for a sports franchise? Open mockery in pop culture? I mean, when a team is so well known for badness that it becomes useful for a punch line in a comic... well, that's pretty bad. Even worse than an appearance in Letterman's Top 10.

On the other hand, maybe ol' Satchel (the dog) has a point here. Why would Bigfoot want to play for the Knicks? They already have a big, slow-moving, rarely-seen phantom on the roster: Jerome James.

(In all seriousness... Get Fuzzy is one of the few consistently funny newspaper strips published these days... and since I stole art for this post, I feel I should give 'em an appropriate callout like this...)


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