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Tuesday, November 06, 2007

NBA Gear for the Indecisive

Found this by accident over at Hotkizzle... this guy is -- or rather, his jacket -- attempting to become a MySpace celebrity based on the sheer blinding power of that atrocious festival of logos.

Hey, I'm all for it. It's sort of nice to see something on MySpace that doesn't go something along the lines of "I had to move my naughty pictures to this website because MySpace won't let me post them here..."

MySpace pR0n spam. It's the new Nigerian Lottery e-mail.

As for the jacket itself... I've never understood the whole "gear with every logo" phenomenon. I'm a "no more than one article of team logo apparel at a time" guy myself... wear the hat OR the jacket OR the T-shirt. Wear all three and you wind up looking like Vito Spatafore waiting outside Yankee Stadium, and no one needs that.


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