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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Hoops Fantasy

The word "fantasy" takes on a whole new context in the basketball blogosphere this week with the news that Marko Jaric is dating Victoria's Secret model/goddess Adriana Lima.

This is easily the most impressive accomplishment of Jaric's NBA career.

(For more analysis, er, hot pictures, check out Give Me The Rock.)

Note to Ms. Lima: the last Victoria's Secret model to run around in public with an NBA player chose an All-Star. You're doing all of the angels a vast disservice being associated with a backup point guard on a terrible team. Now every scrub in the NBA is going to think he can get love from an underwear model.

Wait... NBA scrubs do get love from underwear models?

Eh. Forget I said anything.


Free Basketball Pick said...

dang, lucky ol' C-Webb. i wish i was a big basketballer like him :O

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