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Monday, December 18, 2006

We talk, but we can't fight

The "best reaction to the melee at MSG" award goes to coach Sam Mitchell of the Toronto Raptors... and no one else even comes close.

We can't fight. Understand something. We talk, but we can't fight. Are we really calling that a fight?

You don't stand toe to toe and trade haymakers. It's kind of like, you duck, close your eyes, (throw) an overhead, wild right swing which (doesn't) connect to anything, or a kick as you're backing up.
Thank you, Sam.

The Mike Lupicas of the world would have you believe that fans at the Garden on Saturday were subjected to violence unseen since the first ten minutes of Saving Private Ryan.

What they really saw: a hard foul, some pushing and shoving and wrestling, an awkward, glancing punch and a guy skipping backwards the length of the floor.

Read the full account of Mitchell's reaction in this Toronto Star article.


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