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Friday, December 08, 2006

Free Kicks from Stephon

The Stephon Marbury image reclamation project continues. Marbury has announced that he'll be distributing pairs of his "Starbury One" low-cost basketball sneakers to every varsity hoops player in New York City. Full details of the program will be announced today.

While we applaud this program, we can't help but notice that the announcement has been obscured by the Knicks' dreadful record -- and in particular, their struggles at Madison Square Garden. Even marquee opponents like Tim Duncan and LeBron James haven't filled the "World's Most Famous Arena" over the last few weeks.

And we can't help but wonder what promotion Starbury will try next.

  • Free sneakers to any resident of New York City?
  • The Starbury One Study Group for Peace in the Middle East?
  • First 5000 attendees at Madison Square Garden get a Buick?
How about this one, Steph: stop whining and pouting, and go out and win a couple of games. I'm sure Knicks fans will love it.


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