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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

The Internet has let me down...

Based on the descriptions and accounts of the incident, it seems very fair to say that the latest Bob Knight controversy is a great big steaming pile of nothing. Thus far, the biggest impact seemed to be on Mike & Mike, who scheduled a long succession of guests (Gene Keady, Jay Bilas... I imagine Dickie V had to weigh in at some point) who all agreed that last night's incident was a great big yawner.

(A side note -- it was interesting to hear Keady talk about using "paddles" on players when he coached in high school. Paddles?!? Are you kidding me?)

Here's the much bigger and more important question -- why hasn't this incident surfaced on YouTube yet? C'mon, army of people who post such things... you are clearly off your game on this one. It's two-thousand and freakin' six -- a newspaper account of what Fran Fraschilla said about the incident really ain't gonna cut it.

Get on the stick, YouTubers.


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