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Monday, October 02, 2006

State of the Knicks

My first post on this blog will serve notice that the East Coast Bias will be in full effect here at Three Seconds; I'll kick things off with a few observations on everyone's favorite punching bag, the New York Knickerbockers.

How will the Knicks do this season?

My guess (and my worst fear... well, not my worst fear, but my worst fear relating to NBA hoops) is that the Knicks will finish with a thoroughly mediocre .500 record and squeak into the sixth or seventh playoff spot.

That would be real bad. Why? Because it would allow Isiah Thomas to take credit for an 18-game turnaround.

You are what your record says you are -- true. But I don't think the Knicks were a 23-win team last year. Larry Brown came in and tried to force a roster reconstruction, the team resisted, and Isiah took the players' side. A coach without Brown's credentials would probably have been able to coax 10-15 more wins out of last year's squad by simply staying out of the way. That in mind, I'm discounting any Isiah-related turnaround by the 16 or so additional games Starbury and company should have won last year.

'Course, my opinion doesn't really matter. If the Knicks make the playoffs, Jim Dolan will probably extend Isiah's contract well into the next decade.

Other Knicks News
Eddy Curry is reportedly in much better shape going into training camp. Big Ed doesn't have the reputation of being a workout warrior, but remember, last summer he was more or less shut down for months due to his heart problems. Let's hope he keeps his playing weight under three bills.

Mo Taylor is gone. He won't be missed. Zeke is bringing in some pretty interesting names to fill the open roster spot, including one I won't even attempt to type. The New York Post has the story.


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