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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Potentially, the best Knicks news in a LOOOOONG time

You'll need an MBA to really decipher most of what's going on in this story from Blogging Stocks. Here's the "I was an English major" summary:

  • The Dolans are trying buy up shares of Cablevision and make the company private.
  • Some shareholders and other financial-analyst types think the current shareholders might get a better deal by splitting up the company assets -- like, say, the Knicks -- and selling each to the highest bidder.
  • There's also conjecture that Time Warner's cable division could get involved.
What does all this mean? Possibly nothing. The Dolan family has a huge controlling interest in the company, and they're unlikely to give that up without a great deal of kicking and screaming. But, for the first time in forever, it does seem like a real possibility. And ask any Knick fan -- like my man "Sell the Knicks" -- Isiah Thomas has been bad, but the root of the Knicks' problems is in the executive suite.


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