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Saturday, October 07, 2006

Hawks with Broken Wings

I don't think the Hawks will be good -- not by any stretch of the imagination -- but I wrote in several season previews that I think Speedy Claxton is an excellent fit and fantasy sleeper on a team with tons of athletic wings and finishers. The big caveat: can Speedy stay healthy?

The big answer: No, not so much.

Speedy broke a finger during a workout; he'll miss six weeks and might not be ready for the season opener. Zaza Pachulia is also on the shelf, after taking a Lorenzen Wright elbow to the noodle during practice -- he needed 30 stitches . And now, rookie Solomon Jones is sidelined with a sprained ankle.

I still think Claxton will put up big numbers on this team -- but with him missing the entire preseason now, it seems reasonable to expect that chemistry will take more time to develop. The new recommendation: don't draft him, but target him for a "buy low" trade or free-agent pickup around New Year's, and look for Speedy to put up nice numbers down the stretch.

Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Hawks Limping Through Training Camp


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